These Alcohol-Free Cocktails are Well Worth a Try

More people than ever are turning teetotal or at least looking to cut down on their alcohol consumption. With dry January around the corner there are many reasons to explore alcohol-free drinks. Read on for some great ideas for non-alcoholic cocktails.

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Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Lavender is always a popular option as it is so fragrant and has a stunning lilac colour. This drink mixes coconut water, lavender and lemonade together to create a fizzy, delicious combination with a gentle flavour.


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Mexican Limeade

Staying with the citrus theme, Mexican Limeade turns to limes for its inspiration. This drink uses limes, lemonade and Sprite to create a citrusy and zesty drink with a kick. The Mexican idea comes from the limes which remind us of a classic Mojito!

Ginger Basil Grapefruit Spritzer

This is a spicy option, combining ginger with grapefruit juice. You add the basil for a ‘herby’ kick and to give it a savoury flavor. Serve it with basil leaves for decoration. This is a sophisticated option.

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea is an exotic choice which combines Thai tea with coconut water and tops it up with whole milk or condensed milk for a thicker texture. This is a flavour rich choice with a deliciously creamy edge.

Sourcing non-alcoholic beverages

Non-alcoholic cocktails are popular family-friendly options for the home. Cocktail bars and pubs are also turning to teetotal options for the clientele who prefer not to drink alcohol. Non-alcoholic cocktails require mixers, juices, pop drinks and other beverages, so a draught soft drink supplier is a must for pubs and restaurants. There are many suppliers, such as, who can supply soft beverages ideal for making alcohol-free cocktails.

Young people turn to mindful drinking

As drinking has become less popular with young people, who are choosing ‘mindful drinking’ over beer binges, coffee houses are becoming more popular, with many youngsters choosing them over the traditional pub. This means finding recipes for non-alcoholic drinks is a sensible idea for landlords.

Asian Pear Sparkler

A final non-alcoholic recipe is this beautiful drink. The Asian Pear Sparkler mixes pear juice with honey, lemon, a sprinkling of ginger, sugar and rosemary. The result is an exotic mixture with a strong and sweet flavour. You could also add some nutmeg to bring out the savoury side.