A guide to cooking with a combi oven

A combi oven uses steam, convection and combination to cook foods at a precise temperature. This type of oven offers many advantages, but in order to fully appreciate the benefits of combi ovens, users must first understand the basics of cooking and the role that heat transfer plays in the process.

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Combi ovens are versatile and can reduce cooking time

A commercial combi oven is a versatile appliance that combines these three methods in one oven: steam, hot air or a combination of both. The combi mode can be used to re-heat food, roast, braise, bake and even oven-fry your food to perfection.

The hot air mode works just like a normal convection oven does and is ideal for baking cakes, bread and pastries. One positive is that the combi mode reduces cooking times and shrinkage, and it eradicates flavour transfer when several items are cooked at once.

To oven-fry in a commercial combi oven, use foods that are labelled accordingly by the manufacturer. Items should be placed on perforated sheets in a single layer. A solid sheet pan can be used to catch excess oil and eliminate smoke.

Steaming mode can help preserve nutrients

The steaming mode is used to steam fresh or frozen vegetables. This can help preserve nutrients normally lost through other cooking methods. Foods can be steamed using solid or perforated pans. Perforated pans are the better choice for vegetables, unless the cooking liquid is retained or the manufacturer’s directions require the need for solid pans. Pans should be filled no more than two thirds full to allow the steam to circulate for thorough cooking. The cooking time will depend on the type of food to be prepared.

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If the food is cooked on the edges but the centre remains uncooked, reduce the heat by around 15 degrees F, return the food to the oven, and then continue the cooking process until completed.

According to Forbes, if you’re thinking of refurbishing your kitchen this year, you should consider buying a combi steam oven instead of a microwave.

The benefits of combi ovens include improving product consistency, decreasing cooking times, and reducing the footprint of the commercial kitchen by enabling you to replace the convection oven and steamer with one unit, saving valuable floor space.… Read More..