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Top Three Tips for Jiu-Jitsu Beginners

Regardless of what anyone tells you, you need a particular level of strength and fitness to benefit the most from jiu jitsu. You should not engage in sports to get fit; you should be fit to engage in sports. If you are fit enough, you will be relaxed enough during your jiu jitsu sparring sessions, and it will be easier for you to master the martial art.Here are handy tips to help you get started with jiu jitsu:

Tame that ego.

As a grappler, your ego can be your worst liability. Being a beginner, you will likely have to tap often, and that is perfectly fine. If you’re always fighting this fact, acknowledge that this is your ego at work. And you have to put it aside if you want to do jiu jitsu right. Be prepared to lose and be dominated most of the time as you begin your training. It is part of the process and to move up, you have to embrace it.In time, you will be the one making others submit, but you have to work hard for it. Still, you should never use jiu jitsu to push people around or brand yourself as someone as the “tough one.” This is totally against the principles of the martial art.

Focus on the essentials.

In the beginning, you may feel intimidated by all the techniques that you are taught and have to practice. The good news is, to be good at jiu jitsu, you need so many moves. There are a lot of grapplers out there who can demonstrate hundreds of techniques, counters and re-counters, without actually practicing their technical knowledge on a resisting and determined opponent. You can only consider a technique a skill if you have used it with success in a fight.

Improve your weak points.

Overspecializing too much makes you weak overall. If you like to fight from the top and have no bottom game, you will soon encounter an opponent you cannot subdue from the top, and that will leave you helpless because you don’t have enough ability to fight on the bottom. You will probably not know what to do, and your opponent will only find more opportunities to win.

If you’re having a hard time with something, spend time to improve yourself on it instead of avoiding it. If you particularly hate playing from the guard, for instance, spend more time practicing it during training. Ignoring your weak points will only make them weaker. This is applicable to any technique and position. This holds true for every technique and position.

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