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Ships Gangways for Passenger Safety

A gangway is like a ramp that is smooth and sloping and is something that ships use so that people get into and get out of a ship or a boat. To be able for passengers and ship crew to enter or exit a ship, they have to use gangways. It may be used for loading and unloading cargo to and from a ship.

There are two types of gangways that are being used at present. There are gangways that are foldable. And there are gangways that are constructed on the ship or boat itself.

The different types of gangways that are used today are given below.

There are gangways made of fiberglass called beam brow fiberglass gangways. These gangways are 24 feet wide and they are manufactured for ships that are used during war time. These types of gang have foldable handrails and are not slippery.

There are gangways made of aluminum called beam brow aluminum gangways. These are welded gangways that have a long life. In this type of gangway, water does not accumulate because of the type of surface the ramp has. The non-slipper nature of its ramp will prevent accidents from happening. Ships of different sizes can use this aluminum gangways so that their passengers can easily use it.

Heavy duty aluminum is used in truss brow aluminum gangways which is the required industry standard. Different sized ships also use this kind of gangway. People will not slip using this kind of ramp because its surface is rough.

It is easy to store aluminum gangways that have foldable handrails. These aluminum gangways have rough surfaces which are not slippery so that are no accidents that can happen here. This type of gangways will not cause any water logging problems.

Other gangways which are available and are used in ports and harbors are given below.

Gangways made of aluminum and steel are light-weight gangways which are used in residential ports. Non-corrosive materials are used in these lightweight gangways. These gangways are easy to store because of their foldable rails. These types of gangways are the most affordable of all.

The medium-duty gangways are also very affordable and are used in private and residential ports. The materials used in these types of gangways are steel and aluminum. Because of the durability of steel and aluminum, these steel and aluminum gangways are also very durable.

Heavy-duty gangways are used in private harbors where cruise ferries and other boats dock. The materials used in heavy duty ramps are ISO standard-compliant steel and aluminum. With this type of ramp, even handicapped people are able to safely enter and exit.

The different types of gangways used has made it easy for people to enter and leave a ship. The use of ramps or gangways is indeed very important in ships toady.

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