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Your Guide When Choosing the Right Pepper Spray

It is the defense sprays that are considered to be one of the most popular personal defense devices in the market. Since it is these defense sprays that are economical, easy to carry, simple to use, require no long-term training and are extremely effective that many people also choose to have them. It is also this one that is non-lethal and will have no long-term effects on the attacker. And since there are many different options that you have in the market that choosing the right one is important.

The formulation that the spray have is one of the things that you need to look int. It s the CS – orthochlorobenzalmalonigtrile, CN – alphachloroacethatphenone, OC – oleoresin capsicum that are considered to be the three most common formulations of a pepper spray. The most effective that you can have among the three is the OC. When you will choose to have the OC that they are the ones that can have effects like dilating the capillaries in the eyes, causing temporary blindness. When it is its one that is inhaled then they can also cause immediate inflammation of the lung tissue, resulting in uncontrollable coughing. All of these effects can be disabling especially for potential attackers.

Another factor that one also need to look is the strength of the pepper spray. When taking a look at the strength of a pepper spray that they are being measured depending on the heat that they are able to create. It is this one that is being referred it as Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Difernt pepper sprays have different Scoville Heat Units (SHU). If the pepper spray will have more than 4,000,000 then they are the one that may also cause tissue damage. You need to remember that pepper sprays with more than this range is not recommended.

Alawys consider the delivery that the peer spray have when choosing for one. It is the spray patterns and dispersal density that will determine the size of the droplets that will come out. It is a more effective device once it will disperse smaller droplets. You need to know that the sprays that will give you a mist or fog are the ones that provide the smallest droplets. A shorter range is what you will get with this one though. The ones that can give you a stream are the ones that can have a longer range. When you will choose to sue this one outdoors that the range will not be affected by the wind.

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