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Get Your Facts Straight With Hormone Replacement Therapy

For women, hormone replacement therapy is a must and there are some things that you ought to know about it in the present times. For starters, testosterone has become a hormone that is now being introduced in hormone replacement therapy for women.

Until the year 2002, among post-menopausal suffering from symptoms caused by lowered levels of female sex hormones, hormone replacement therapy or HRT is considered a standard treatment. Testosterone as a significant hormone among females has only been recognized just recently. In the past ten years, there have been some positive developments about this particular hormone.

What are the most common symptoms of menopause?

The most common symptoms among women who are menopausal include night sweats, frequent hot flashes, skin and hair dryness, erratic menstrual periods, and slowing down until menstruation already comes to a halt. Other common symptoms include weight gain not related to overeating, mild depression, loss of libido, and vaginal dryness making sexual intercourse impossible or difficult.

During menopause, what hormones fall?

During menopause, you can expect all hormone levels to go down even the newly discovered testosterone hormone among women. When it comes to women, hormones that typically go down are testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. The adrenal glands and the ovaries are the ones that produce testosterone or the steroid androgen hormone. When women are in their early adulthood years, they produce at least 10% of testosterone in terms of rate from men. Decrease of testosterone levels is expected among both women and men as they grow old. If the woman suffers from menopause or shortly after it, their testosterone levels will surely reach zero or near zero for some.

Can the lost female hormones be replaced?

With hormone replacement therapy procedure, these three hormones can now be replaced. If the woman has gone through hysterectomy before, she can be given estrogen hormones alone. For lowered risks of getting endometrial cancer, estrogen and progesterone are both given to the woman as hormone replacements. When it comes to testosterone, it can be given all on its own or in combination with either of progesterone or estrogen.

What is the best treatment for menopause?

Hormone replacement therapy is still the treatment of choice among women suffering from menopause. As mentioned above, if you are no hysterectomy patient, you will be receiving a combination of progesterone and estrogen and an addition or combination of testosterone as well. The treatment of choice, however, for women who had a hysterectomy will be to have as hormone replacement therapy estrogen alone or in combination with testosterone as per your doctor’s call. This is because these women are no longer at risk of getting endometrial cancer.

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