5 Lessons Learned: Data

Data Management Practices.

Data management may refer to the aspects of drawing plans and culture of collecting and keeping the data.They include various ways and even different persons and practices are used.The whole process may not only involve persons, but also softwares that are used for this process mainly used by database administrators and even scientists and researchers.

This article will mainly be restricted on focusing on various methods and practices used in storing and analyzing the data.Data management is vital in ensuring that the data’s life is kept safe.The life of the data is a term that can be used to describe the process where the data is first mined, then taken through the various means until the point where its uses is no longer needed.

We wil start with data modeling, planning and finding of meaning.Data analysis is finding the meaning of the data either through computation or finding the meaning of words or graphing.

Let we now focus on the quality of the data stired.These have got many areas such data cleaning and others. Data cleaning is the removal of unwanted elements within your data set.One of the ways of ensuring the data is clean is by removal of out of range numbers and even ensuring that the data is in the collect alignment such as the dates and so on. Consistency is another area closely related to data cleaning whereby, there is assurance of order of the data such that the elements such dates follow each other in the correct sequence.

Data management is related to another important component called the data quality. It refers to the process of ensuring that, the data represents the true fact on the ground. High quality data normally is in consistency with the current picture on the ground. Low quality data nor show the real world situation.

Keeping the data safe is ensuring that there is minimal access to the data by all people that can either cause damage to the data or cause additional changes that are not important. One can prevent the data from being corrupted. This is done by use of various means such as use of password and instilling of other measures that minimizes accessibility to the data. Some of the applications currently place discourages modifications but allow replication or copying.

Data management practices. This is a concept that is normally used to refer to data storing and retrieving. Data management has the administrator and the user. The administrator has the powers to do the changes and input the data, while the user cannot have such rights.

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